Estancia La Jolla

I love Estancia Spa and Resort in La Jolla, it has special meaning to me.  It is where my husband and I got married and it is also where Tania and Gilbert held their reception for all of their guests after their church wedding in Little Italy.

Family photos are such a great part of the wedding day.  We love placing families close together and seeing them laugh and smile with one another.Just as Tania was making her way to the church one of her flower girls saw her coming.  She was so excited for Tania that she ran up to her and gave her a huge hug just as she was about to dash off to her wedding ceremony.  This was one of my favorite moments from Tania and Gilbert’s wedding day.  I loved to see the affection of Tania’s dad before she was about to enter the church to marry Gilbert.  Her veil blowing in the wind created an even more dramatic effect to their wedding photos.  Moments like these will stay me forever.  So beautiful. I absolutely love this photo below.  What a great moment for Gilbert and Tania.  After coming out of the church all of their friends and family are there to cheer them on as a newly married couple.


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