Feature on Riley G Designworks Camera Straps

riley-g-camera-strap-braja-mandalaI am a big fan of Riley G Camera Straps I have three of their camera straps (a limited edition Louis Vuitton, a black and white paisley and a textured gray strap) and after seeing their new designs I am wanting to add more to my collection.  I was thrilled to share with them my style when photographing a wedding.  Below is an excerpt from my question and answer series with them.

“Braja Mandala from Braja Mandala Wedding Photography leans toward the traditional when it comes to photographer fashion. “There is nothing more classic and timeless than a tailored black suit with a collared, buttoned-up shirt,” she told us. While we support the discreet dresser (Braja reminds us that the wedding day is, after all, about the bride and groom), the Riley G team likes a pop of pizzazz even on the most conventional outfit.  Luckily, Braja fits right in. “I have fun jazzing up my black suit with my Louis Vuitton necklace or my gold Burberry bracelet,” she said. There it is: style.”

Want to read more?  Click here to view the full article.

Be sure to check out Riley G’s main site to see all of their killer camera straps.


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