Im engaged

Yeahhhh, I am engaged!!! Its been several months but we finally got our engagement video put together so I can share with you the day that I got engaged. My day started in the morning when my two girlfriends came over and took me out to get a mani pedi. I thought it was odd that one of my girlfriends would come down from Temecula just to get her nails done but didn’t put too much thought into it. After we got our nails done we went out to lunch but I noticed that they were acting a little “weird”. I started to expect something so I asked them what was up but they just shrugged their shoulders. When we got back to my place they handed me a hand written note. As soon as I saw the letter I saw Gene’s writing and I burst into tears knowing it was a letter from him. In that letter he wrote to me, wishing that I had a good day with my close girlfriends. He told me in the note that he had packed me an overnight bag, that I should put on a dress that made me feel beautiful and that a chauffeured car would be picking me up within 30 minutes. By this time I knew what was going to happen…I was going to get engaged. My girlfriends helped me pack and I was on my way to meet my sweet heart. The chauffeur didn’t tell me where we were going because Gene wanted to keep everything as a surprise. Finally I arrived and Gene was waiting for me with a rose. He walked me down a bed of red roses and when I say bed I mean a thick bed of red rose petals that led me to an Indian tent. Our wedding planner Thomas Bui put everything together and later Gene told me that they had been planning the engagement for months before. Gene walked me slowly to the tent and that is where he took his time and told me that he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He had our photo albums with trips we took together on a table inside the tent. It was nice to reflect back on all of the fun time and memories we shared together. He had Dharmasetu, a priest from my temple give us a blessing.

After we enjoyed time together in the tent we went out to a nice dinner. But, our night was not over yet. We had a room at the W Hotel downtown San Diego and when I entered the lobby all of our family and close friends were there to greet us and congratulate us on our engagement. We celebrated the rest of the night with the people whom we love. It was a magical moment that I will never forget.

Thanks to Aaron Wilcox for capturing the memories of our wedding day.



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