Wedding Celebration of Narayani and Javier

I have known Narayani and her family for well over ten years.  So when they asked if I would photograph their wedding I was thrilled.  After their wedding they are moving to Las Vegas so Narayani wanted to have the wedding in her hometown of San Diego before she left to live in Las Vegas with her husband.

I loved seeing all of the flowers in Narayani’s hair the whites and yellows are so beautiful.

In the photo above Narayani was performing a puja before her wedding.  She had a hand full of flowers that she was offering.  We thought it would make for a beautiful photo to put her statue of Laxmi in her hands surrounded by the flowers. The Laxmi, although small in size has been in her home for as long as she can remember.  We love photographing the details in weddings so if you have something special or sentimental on you, let us know, we would love to photograph it.

Wedding days are always filled with close family and friends.  We love taking candid photos of your family members and friends.  Narayani’s grandparents were addressing the guests who attended their granddaughter’s wedding thanking everyone who traveled near and far to attend their wedding.  I love the photo of Narayani’s mom enjoying herself during the wedding festivities.

This photo below is one of my favorites from their wedding day.  The look on Narayani’s face as she is getting blessings from her grandmother is so precious.  I love how you can see the rice bouncing off her head.In the second photo below you can see all of the hands reaching for the coconut and rice.  What a great moment, I love the little boys face in the top left corner.  Although blurred you can still see the enthusiasm he has as he is trying to reach with the other family members, what a cute kid.The rice game is often times played during a Hindu wedding celebration.  It always gets everyone in such a good mood, it is fun to see who ends up with more rice on their head.

I love seeing the blessings from the elders (in photo above).  What a great moment to be captured for Narayani and Javier. 


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