Engagement of Aman & Aditya

I recently photographed Aman and Aditya’s engagement session and wanted to share a few of my favorite photos.  I love it when brides to be wear long flowing dresses to their beach engagement session.  The long dresses add so much movement and drama to the photos.

Upon seeing a sneak peak of their engagement photos Aman and Aditya wrote a really sweet note…

We can’t thank you enough. I have no words to describe how much I love the pics. Thanks for sending them to us.
Waiting for more… and yeah I can imagine how the wedding pics are going to be.. super happy!
Aman & Aditya

This photo below is my favorite from their engagement session.  There is just something about how Aman’s dress is flowing and the walk they are taking on the beach that really speaks to me.



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