Vrindavan India

While photographing the wedding of Aman and Aditya in Delhi India we had some free time to tour India’s most famous temple in Vrindavan. So we took a day trip to travel to the ISKCON temple. I have not been to India for over ten years. My last trip there was with one of my dear friends, Gandharvika. Since I had last been there a lot has remained the same (temples filled with people, harmonious singing filling the room) but a lot has changed. Instead of the bumpy dirt roads, there is now a paved highway called the Yamuna Expressway. With over a one way four hour journey in the back of a cab the Yamuna Expressway was a welcomed addition.

I loved sitting down and just soaking in the sounds from the temple. The people singing, the ringing of the bells, the blow of the conch shell were some of the sounds that I remember the most. I saw people from all over the world, Australia, Europe and different parts of the US coming to the Vrindavan temple. We happened to be there at one of the most holy times of year, known as Kartik, where spiritual blessings are multiplied.The architecture of the temple was so beautiful. I cant imagine how long it must have took to hand carve all of the pillars and walls in the temple. There were elephants, lions, flower and other Indian designs that were hand carved. I could spend hours just looking at the craftmanship of the building.

Thank you to my wonderful husband, Gene Higa, for taking these photos of our day trip to Vrindavan.


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