Delhi, India – wedding of Aman & Aditya, part I

Aman and Aditya asked us to travel with them to Delhi, India to photograph their wedding. Wow what an incredible experience we had. Yes the flight was long but well worth it. We stayed at the Leela Palace Hotel in Delhi India and I have to say that it was the nicest hotel that I have ever stayed at. The food, rooms and service was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. They had three different restaurants in the hotel each with a different theme. There was a Japanese, Italian, Indian and International restaurant, and of course a swanky bar. We tried to eat at every restaurant but loved the Japanese restaurant, with the glass Buddha statue. We took a day trip to Vrindavan India and visited temples and holy places in India.

Because Aman and Aditya got married at night we thought it would be a good idea to take photos of them around Delhi so we could see the beautiful architecture and surroundings of the city. The buildings were old and beautiful and were enjoyed by hundreds of of people every day. It must have been a true sight to see the buildings when they were first constructed. We were fortunate to be taking their photos just before sunset and capture the beautiful Delhi sky filled with colorful clouds. While taking photos We happened to see a group of yogis meditating at sunset, most of the people looked to be from the US, it looked like they were all on a yoga retreat and enjoying the calm and peace of sunset near all of the beautiful architecture of Delhi India.

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